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Platform and Issues

Students First

I want to continue the work that Dublin City Schools is already doing by supporting all students and their learning needs in the classroom. All students deserve to feel safe in school and to know they matter.  

  • Maintain rigorous curriculum that prepares our students for the careers of tomorrow.

  • Provide teachers with time, training, and resources to learn and implement best practices in the classroom.

  • Foster an atmosphere of partnership between teachers and parents to provide the highest level of education and care for all students.

  • Increase awareness and partnerships of alternative post high school graduate programs, such as apprenticeships and licensure programs.

  • Continue support for our LGBTQ+ students so they feel safe and can come to school to learn while being who they are.

  • Continue diversity, equity, and inclusion instruction for teachers to ensure all students have access to the great education of Dublin City Schools.

  • Continue and expand social-emotional health programs so students are able to access mental health resources and learn more about taking care of their mental health.

  • Use research based safety protocols to maintain the safety of our students.

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