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My Principles

As an educator for over 20 years, I have had the amazing pleasure to work with thousands of students, partnering with their parents and my professional colleagues to make sure that all students are able to achieve to their highest ability.  Through this experience I have learned to trust my students, parents, and teachers as we all share the same goal of success for the whole child.

Trust in Students

Students are our most valuable resource, as they are the leaders of tomorrow.  As such, it is important that we listen to their needs in regards to education, and focusing on programs that will prepare them for careers that might not even exist today.  When our students do not feel safe at, cared for, or connected to school they struggle with learning, we must listen to their concerns and help to address these issues as they arise.

Trust in Parents

Fostering an atmosphere of cooperation between the classroom teacher and parents/guardians is in the best interest of the education of a child. Parents should feel heard and respected by teachers and administrators as they know their child the best and can help teachers to understand the unique needs of their child.  Parents should feel comfortable going to the classroom teacher first with any questions they have regarding their child's education.

Trust in Teachers

Teachers are the front line professionals in education.  Dublin City Schools is very lucky to have highly educated and highly engaged educators.  Over 72% of Dublin teachers hold a masters degree or higher.  We must trust these professionals to do their job of educating our children.  They have been trained in both content knowledge, pedagogical understanding of learning and teaching children.  Recognizing they are the expert in the classroom on instruction, as well as a professional that values their students is important to maintaining our highly qualified staff.  Providing resources and support is imperative in ensuring teachers are able to remain on the forefront of educational best practices.

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